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  • As I look back over these 20 years, I've seen a lot of things happen. Breaks, healing, rebuilding, loss, life, developing and 'about-facing'. The way that I would have reacted to the same situation Day 1 has changed now that it's Day 7,300. The seed planted 2 decades ago, has taken down root. My heart still has huge pockets of foolishness, wicked thoughts and gnarly unraveling to do, but even If All of this, I have known and learned the One true source of who[…]



Recently, I was driving through the village on a cold day, and it struck me as pretty funny to see an 80 year old woman on a bike. What you would think of when you think of a 'Babushka lady'.

She had her cute trench coat on and her head scarf wrapped warmly around her head- and it was nothing--'like riding a bicycle'. With her basket of food for the day hitched on the back of her bike, she strode along as any other day. You know she'd been doing it for years! Read more

CCBCE is celebrating...

CCBCE is celebrating over 20 years of changed lives! It is our heart over the next 20 years to see another generation of missionaries. To help with this we are launching a new partnership program for Calvary Chapel senior pastors.

We would like to bless you and your ministry by giving you $800 in scholarship units to give to your youth pastor that they can use for online study! They get to continue serving with you, while studying towards their degree with us! Read more

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We invite you to be a part of our ministry team whether with a one time gift or if the Lord leads on a regular basis. All donated funds go 100% to support our family. Your gifts will be deposited via our home church Calvary Chapel Fullerton which does make them tax deductible. We as all of our missionary staff are sustained by the prayers and gifts of those who partner with us. We live and minister on a monthly budget / need of between $2,500 - $3,500. These funds cover living expenses, school, transportation, insurance, ministry resources, outreaches, family needs, and so much more. We do seek to travel back to states for 3 - 4 weeks each year to share what the Lord is doing with you all. If you would like to stay more connected with us you can follow us here, Facebook on our blog, or with our newsletter. May the Lord bless your gifts unto Him and may you reap a spiritual harvest with us as we prepare for the return of the King. We are so grateful for you!

We invite you to be a part of our ministry!


What a summer!

After our big Foundations Conference came and went, Caleb simultaneously put the baton of the Bible College down for a moment, while taking on the Summer of Service with all of its conferences, and grabbed the baton of the incoming summer discipleship program...

-What a summer!
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Petőfi Sándor utca 562
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7041 Vajta, Hungary


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