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"Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain." — John 12:24

Caleb & Kimberly Beller along with their 4 children, Charis, Hope, Justice & Cruz, serve in Vajta, Hungary.

In January 2009 they packed up their bags in their hometown of southern California, and moved to Vajta, Hungary. With three young children in tow, they took the step of faith and left to serve as full time missionaries at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe.

Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe began in the early 90’s in Millstat Austria. In 2002 it relocated to Vajta, Hungary. Vajta is small village (less then 1,000 people) about an hour and a half south of Budapest. Pastor Chuck of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa purchased an abandoned manor house or ‘Castle’ and began the work of renovation. Now with 55 acres of beautiful property, CCBCE functions as a full time University, Conference center, and training ground for Missions.

Caleb is currently serving as the Director of Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe. In January 2015, he took over the day to day oversight of the responsibilities and ministry here at CCBCE. CCBCE is home to numerous discipleship ministries. It is the only accredited Calvary Chapel Bible College. It offers a full 3 year Bachelors in Theology. Students from around the world study in English and Hungarian growing in their knowledge of the Word, while experiencing a unique opportunity for cross cultural fellowship and community living.

Like Jesus living and walking with disciples, It employs a hands-on discipleship emphasis. Along with the Bellers, the staff lives and works here. Ministry is not just happening in the classes but daily throughout the campus and homes.

“We share our lives with our students and staff. With our emphasis on missions we require each semester that the students travel on a 10-day outreach as well as weekend outreaches. Each semester we help send and lead teams to neighboring countries as far as Africa and Asia or here at home in Hungary!”

This is a great blessing for them to be encouraging the alumni and missionaries that have been launched out of CCBCE all over the world! Since moving to Hungary, they have been able to minister in Israel, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Austria, Slovenia, Africa, Italy, Greece, Australia, Romania, UK (just to name a few), and all over Hungary! We have had friends plant churches all over Europe, Middle east, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Georgia, Greece and Nigeria! The list grows each new year!

What is also unique to the Bible College here, It is one of the only schools that has a full time national program as well. Since it’s inception, CCBCE has had the vision of training up and launching national pastors and leaders. CCBCE offers a full curriculum in Hungarian.

This has helped launch and sustain over 25 Calvary Chapel Churches in Hungary. Of the 28 Calvary Chapel churches in Hungary, 25 are pastored by national Hungarian Pastors. Beyond our Hungarian students we now draw students from the middle east, Asia, Africa and around eastern Europe.

CCBCE helps oversee Sponsor International which is its US non-profit. It allows churches and individuals to donate directly to students who come from countries where they could not afford to do the Bible College. CCBCE offers them a tuition through a scholarship by those the Lord calls to help. Many of these leaders and students will have the potential to go back to places we may never get to. :)

Pakistan, India, Syria, China are some, just to name a few. It has been a huge privilege to see the heart of Pastor Chuck, Pastor Brian Brodersen, and those who came before Caleb to set up this ministry as resource for not just training missionaries but equipping nationals for the work of church planting!

CCBCE also has a unique Missionary training program called School of Missions. This 12 month program attracts families and individuals who are looking to take that first step on the mission field to prepare for a life ‘on the mission field.’

“We are blessed to work with Pam Markey- an unassuming, modern-day ‘Elisabeth Elliot’. As each year turns, we train up and send out students into full time missions.”

CCBCE also has 1 year internship program where it focuses on equipping future leaders and pastors for the work of the ministry. This program has an emphasis on personal discipleship and like a Paul and Timothy relationship, the goal is to pour into these future leaders, and equip them for reaching this next generation.

During the Summer, the campus transitions into a full time conference center. For 10 weeks CCBCE hosts conferences from around Europe, Asia and Middle East. With weeks ranging from 150 - 350, it is a unique time of serving in very practical ways. During these summer weeks of serving the guests, we host individuals and teams for 30-60 days serving in our Summer of Service program. It proves to be hard work and true service through summer heat, but it forges a strength of character and work ethic.

The Summer is also the time where we have the privilege of running our A Vision for Life program- a 40 day discipleship program. We have seen this program grow from 20-25 students, 5 years ago to now 50 students. We have students from around the globe ages 15 - 25 come for 40 days of radical discipleship. Our mornings are spent teaching bible classes, the afternoons are preparation for weekly outreaches, and evenings are times of rich discipleship and fellowship.

Each week culminates in an outreach 3-5 days long. We travel to nearby countries partnering with our Calvary Chapel missionaries and churches for outreach, evangelism, VBS and so much more.

“It is life changing watching these young people experiencing people getting saved for the first time. We get to live out the book of Acts each summer experiencing the transforming power of the gospel in and through these students lives. It is a special time of building and breaking and forging life-long friendships. Many of the students experience a deep sense of calling and direction and new found excitement for Jesus and His Word. We have experienced a harvest of returning AVFL students transition into Bible College Students!”

CCBCE is home to an amazing team of Pastors, missionaries, and support staff. With over 30 different staff members/families actively serving in the ministry, there is nearly 20 children ranging from teenagers to toddlers.

Vajta functions like a church and family community. Part of the joy is also discipling the disciplers' and serving the servants. Separate from the staff team, we have a student base of 70-80 students during our Spring and Fall semesters. The student body is growing in numbers, diversity, and relationship with the Lord!

‘We feel the best days of the school are still ahead of us! We continue to pray that the Lord would send the laborers (students) because the field is ripe for the Harvest. Each semester, the students and staff experience the triumphs and challenges of building the Kingdom. The warfare is evident, but so are the Victories!’

How can you be praying for us? Pray as this is a ‘full-time’ privilege. During our 3 busy seasons (Spring & Fall Semester, and Summer) Their days are spent teaching classes, running meetings, overseeing the ministry, and daily discipleship. Pray for them as they balance this blessing of ministry and family.

"Kim my “P31” wife, juggles the balance of helping our 4 kids navigate through our local public school, while discipling young women throughout her day. It is truly a team effort. Our family, children included, are fully invested in what we believe God is doing here in this ministry."

“We have committed our lives to helping raise the next generation, while living a life set apart for the gospel. We are so grateful to the friends, family, and churches who have partnered with us spiritually, emotionally and financially. Whether helping support us in outreaches, or monthly investing in our ministry we want you to know you are reaping the spiritual harvest with us. We could not do this without all of you.
Thank you from all of us!”