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Our Family and Our Story

Oct 2001, my life changed for ever. As a 21 year old youth pastor and business man, the Lord introduced me to my future wife and my world has not been the same since. I began my martial arts journey in 1992 in a brand new martial arts school in Fullerton, CA. Little did I know Lord began something that would take nearly 17 years to complete. Like Moses in Egypt or Nehemiah in Persia I was given access to a fast track of success and accomplishment. My mentor and instructor Brad Wenneberg would become a pioneer in reaching the masses with the martial arts. Our small school with 5-10 students in 1992 grew to one of the 10 largest single schools in the united states. With nearly 1,000 students when we moved in 2009 to Hungary, martial arts would become a training ground for the Lord to break more then boards and bricks in my life. The opportunity to grow in confidence, teaching, management, and administration would become a unique backdrop for future ministry. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever envisioned living on the other side of the ocean. As the director of one the largest martial arts schools in the world, a wonderful home church, and ministry opportunities I had no intention of leaving my city where I lived, worked, and grew up. Little did I know God was preparing a unique and special person who would broaden my comfort zone and expand my horizon.

Kim grew up literally down the street. In the next door cities of La Habra and Brea our paths never crossed. Kim who’s story you can read in her testimony section, began a journey much earlier then me in having a heart for the world. In 1998 the Lord would do a transforming work in both of our lives. Using our home churches, Harvest Crusades, and different Calvary Chapel ’s Jesus became real to both of us around the same time. We both had known Him since our youth, but it was surrendering our lives to Him and choosing Him over the things of this world that be came the catalyst for a real and lasting change. Just as I began to grow deeper through Calvary Chapel Fullerton, Kim would be called to the opposite side of the World. Townsville, Queensland, Australia would become her home for nearly 4 years. Working with Youth with a Mission the Lord would transform her into the evangelist and world changer He had wired her to be. Having left everything from acting and partying to now leading teams and discipling young people, the Lord had opened her eyes to a lost and dying world. No longer was just Orange Country, California or even the United States big enough, she had a global vision that would take her to Asia and Africa laying her life down for the sake of the Gospel.

Our two worlds collided in a restaurant Fall of 2001. We met for the first time (that we know of) at Claim Jumper restaurant in Brea CA. I had just started the School of Ministry at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (A 2 year discipleship program for equipping in Pastoral Ministry) Kim unbeknownst to me was working to save up funds for another year of Missions oversees. My lunch with my business partners was business as usual, however when the conversation turned to my friends status as a new believer and we began talking Christianity 101 my quite, helpful waitress couldn’t help but overhear and engage in our fellowship. We quickly connected and a seed was planted. Something was unique about this woman. It would take a few more months before our paths would cross enough times for God take this acquaintance to another level.

Fast forward to Dec 2001 and we would embark on a date that has turned into a life time of ministry. Another page, a different time I could tell you the story of that first outreach. It was like nothing I had experienced before. We did not go on a date, but an outreach. We witnessed, prayed and proclaimed the Gospel to bunches of people that night. My life would never be the same. As the weeks went by it became clear that this person who had changed my world, had a big heart to change “the world.” No sooner had God planted the seeds of our relationship it would be tested by time and distance. Roughly 4 weeks after we had started our friendship Kim launched out for her next missions trip, Australia and South Africa. With no idea when she would return we committed to just seeing what the Lord would do. The Lord used this time to prepare us both in our relationship with Him, before He would give us to each other. After 6+ months of being gone Kim returned for her brothers wedding and I knew I had to ask her to marry me. May 2002 she said Yes and October 5, 2002 we married and began our journey of faith together.

I have come to understand that long before the Lord will do a work through you it begins in you. I was confident that even though I had married a missionary, my mission was at home in my backyard. As a business man with a wide scope of influence, and an assistant pastor it seemed we had plenty of opportunity to stay busy. However when you marry a world changer, you better be ready for them to change your world. Nine months after we were married we did our first oversees trip to Israel together, 2 months after that we helped do a church plant with a short term team in Russia. Something was changing, my world just got a whole lot bigger. However 2004 the Lord gave us our first “mission field” Charis Sarah Beller. As much as my heart was growing in a willingness to see us living somewhere else we were anchored to His time and perfect plan. Between 2005 and 2006 we experienced some challenging years as we went through two lost pregnancies and a time of not being able to get pregnant. We loved the one the Lord had brought us, but our heart was heavy for ones we had lost and desiring of another. We prayed, we waited and endured. It was during his season I began a second full time ministry (besides running the Karate studio) as a Chaplain for the La Habra Police department. This was a radical training ground for learning to deal with tragedy, loss, and not having an answer for everything. I loved being a Chaplain and continued up until the week we left for Hungary in 2009.

Finally October 2006 Hope Christa Beller was Born. This pregnancy and birth began a major life change for us. After working a 60+ hour work week ever since I could remember, this pregnancy caused us to make some major changes. Having lost the previous two and struggling with the season of not getting pregnant when complications arose during the pregnancy we knew something needed to change. Kim went on bed rest and God raised up our family locally, through church and at work to show us we were not alone. This was the first time we began to realize The things we were doing were His. He could sustain them, maintain them. God blessed us with our 3’rd child in March of 2008 or Son Justice Joshua Beller. He was the catalyst for a major life change. Once again going through another high risk pregnancy months of bedrest and lifestyle changes God began preparing our hearts for the possibility that maybe we were growing out of comfort zone. We had so many wonderful family and friends. We had the job, two full time ministries. We lived in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, but something was stirring inside. What we had was great, but Christ was preparing something even greater. It was exceedingly, abundantly beyond what we could ask or imagine. However it would require faith.

Previously between Hope and Justice I had the opportunity for a missions trip to China and Korea. It was there the Lord began to water the seeds of missions that had been plated when we first got married. As wonderful as our life in California was, there was something drawing us further up and further in. My wife had challenged me to finish what I had started with School of Ministry in 2001-2003. I still had a class to finish. As I completed the program but not all the units to graduate. In 2007-2008 I re connected with Costa Mesa and completed the one program while God began starting another. Little did I know that God would use that time to go before us and prepare the way for a perfect blend of ministry uniquely fit for myself, my wife and our family.

Nov 2008 we took a vision trip to Calvary Chapel Bible College in Vajta, Hungary and the Lord confirmed that this is the place He had prepared for us from before we even knew. Months before the Lord began speaking to us, to prepare to be moved. I did not understand all of the details only a realization that in faith we needed to be ready. We paid off our debt, sold one of cars, and began the hardest step of telling our family, friends and business partner of 15 years that the Lord was moving us out… and we didn’t yet know where. It was a balance of mixed emotions by all, but the Lord was so gracious to fill our friends and family with grace and support. The Lord raised up a team in all of the areas needed for us to take a step of faith. After talking to Pastor Brian Broderson at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa we were encouraged to step out see what the Lord might do. Our home church Calvary Chapel Fullerton (for me since 1996) took the lead in preparing to launch us out. I had rededicated my life there. I was discipled and equipped there. I had gone from the youth pastor, to college pastor to assistant pastor and was now being sent out as with our young family as full time missionaries. I will never be able to repay the investment of love, support, wisdom, and grace poured out by my Pastor Rich Cathers. He modeled to me what a Pastor is. He loves his sheep and lays down his life for them. He modeled Jesus for me like only a handful of faithful Men the Lord has put in my life. So with the support of Calvary Chapel Fullerton, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and some of our family and friends we left beautiful, sunny, southern California, for the former communist, eastern European country of Hungary.

Like many in the bible I can mark my life by the moments where the Lord has intervened and directed my path through tangible closed and open doors. He has put the right people, at the right time, to lead me to right places all by His wonderful grace. I do not deserve the amazing family, ministry, or opportunities I get to enjoy. I am the first to tell you like Paul I feel like the chieftist of sinners. However as much as I am cognizant of what I am not, it also makes me very aware of Who He Is, and who He is in me. God uses the foolish things in this world to confound the wise. Many people chuckle when the hear that I am the director of a college. Academics was never my strong suit in school. Who I am today is a clear indication of the power of the Gospel to change lives, and realty that God’s plans and promises are real if we surrender and allow Him to lead. Living and ministering in Hungary is one of the greatest privileges of my life. I can see looking back how the Lord used all the different mountains and valley’s to prepare me for this place. Jesus is coming back soon, I firmly believe the King is returning, but before His return we are commanded to be ready and to redeem the time. Coming to this ministry I have been amazed at the pioneering men and women who have gone before in this place and broken up the hard ground. It is amazing to know that the seeds we have been harvesting since I have been here have been planted and watered with blood, sweat and tears. I get to hold the baton of reaching the nations and take my few steps to pass the baton to next generation. Like the olympic torch we may only get hold it for a short time, but we are not to let the flame go out, and get it to next runner so that the games could begin. This is our family's season of holding the torch here in Eastern Europe. We are grateful for the many that are helping us run this race. We do it like it says in Hebrews 12 surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses. We are leaning to lay aside every weight and hinderance and look unto the author and finisher of our faith. Some have gone before us and left us an amazing legacy. Some are running alongside of us in this leg. But all are running for the One who ran to us, and lived and died for us, and rose again and is coming for us. We do not know how long we will be here only in that we desire till He comes to be found faithful. We are so excited to and grateful for the privilege to do what we do. We share it with with you as partners in the gospel and co-laborers in this generation.

In Summer 2011 un-expectantly we had to leave the mission field and return home due to major complications with our 4th child. We were half way through the pregnancy when the report came that there were serious complications that we would not be able to handle here in Hungary. We were advised to return back to the states and fast. in less than 10 days from the news we packed what we could and returned home. It was much more serious than we had realized. Kim had a rare complication that would require in Hospital care the rest of the pregnancy. Cruz Judah Beller was born at 33/34 weeks. Kim required a 7 1/2 hour surgery and had over 18 units of blood transfused. The Lord had given Kimmie peace but it wasn’t until I brought them both home for the first time a week later that I knew it would be ok. We committed to being back in the states for 12 months while we healed and prepared for the next step. The Lord opened up the door to continue in teaching at the Bible College in Costa Mesa, as well as another Karate studio in a nearby city. It was a special season connecting with family and friends, but we knew the time would be short and we had to be ready to go when the “call” came. January 2013 we returned to Hungary after some very clear direction from the Lord and staff in Vajta it was great to be home. Now with 4 children 2 boys, 2 girls (final score) we are committed to being here till we have complete the task He has called us to, or we meet Him in the air.

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